A Thrill of Hope for the New Year

Keeping the Hope and spirit of re-birth alive the year through...

As 2017 came to a close and we turned the page to 2018, this ‘theme song’ was everywhere in my life from a beautiful gift displaying this sentiment to this sweet reflection written and shared with me by my dear friend and ministry partner Paul Davis. I pray this message blesses you as you make […]

Discover Yourself in the Women of the Bible

Life, Love and Leadership Lessons from the Leading Ladies

Resilience. Perseverance. Obedience. Faith. These are just a few qualities that the leading ladies of the Bible exhibited as they navigated through the earliest days of humanity. These same qualities sound a lot like many women I know.  Women who overcome tremendous hardship and disappointment. Women who pioneer and go where no man (or woman) […]

Texas Relief Efforts

How you can help

President Trump with Texas Governor Greg Abbot with Vice President Mike Pence, have declared today Sunday, September 3rd a National Day of Prayer for Texas.   Not sure how you can help? Consider doing any or all of the following: 1) Spend a few moments quietly praying and sending good intentions to all those affected […]

“What are you worrying about?”

Knowing God's Word arrests your worry gene

“Stop worrying,” they told you.  Easier said than done, right? Well, not exactly.  Being prone to worry is more choice and habit than anything else.  It also speaks to our relationship with God.  When we are prone to worrying, we have taken the decision making and planning around a circumstance away from God.  In short, […]

Thanksgiving Blessings

Pausing to reflect on Praise not Perfection

This time of year is my absolute favorite!  I find myself daydreaming about my beautifully decorated house.  Smells and scents of a Thanksgiving feast.  A smile on my lips and joy in my heart as I am surrounded by a happy and healthy husband and adoring children.  Yes, this is how I picture the holiday. […]

Taking Care and Pausing to Rest

A Season of Quiet

It’s time to rest.  I have been feeling in my being for a while now, that it is time to hit the pause button. As I teach you through blogs and Bible studies to live obediently, so must I. The past three years have been busy and hard. Filled with diagnoses, recuperation, therapies and a […]

Worth the wait…

Making the wait time, God's time...

Waiting is hard.  We spend our lives waiting, don’t we?  We are all waiting for something. That is how life is. As children, we can’t wait to grow up, get a job; once we have the job, we can’t wait to change the job!  We wait as we find a mate; plan the wedding then wait for the […]

The Right Kind of Busy

For God or self?

We are busy.  We are constantly racing against the clock or deadline as we try to cram three days of tasks and errands into one twenty-four hour period.  There are many books and blogs that give us great tips and tricks on how to slow down, but very rarely do we address the actual root cause […]

Walking in Your Purpose

Wearing the shoes made for you...

The little girl looked adorable as she paraded about in the finest jewels and clothes she could find.  A strand of pearls hanging long from her neck.  A fashion scarf that goes down to her ankles…and those shoes!  High-heeled tortoise-skin platforms that were many sizes too big for her tiny feet. We have all seen her. […]

2016 – Year of Peace

As we begin the New Year, I wish to offer you a very special gift – the gift of Peace. Peace…it can be elusive. It can be all that we desire. Amid the many trappings of man, peace can sometimes be the one thing we crave and cannot seem to receive. Yet when we set […]